We believe that the most successful businesses are those that are good at marketing – whatever goods or services they produce.

redmarketing+ specialises in providing creative, yet practical, marketing and business development assistance to businesses and public sector organisations.

We work closely with our clients to develop and implement strategies for their business which are aligned to their vision, their corporate values – and their budgets – and which clearly focus their marketing activities on getting the success they want, both now and in the future.

redmarketing+= joined up marketing!

No gimmicks, no quick fixes, but using tried and tested methods which define and build on a business’s strengths, identify and tackle weaknesses (and we all have them!), research and pursue appropriate opportunities and clarify and address the threats facing the business.

Whether the assignment is to produce a full marketing strategy and plan or perform a specific marketing task, our work is always tailored to the needs of our clients, our advice is well- informed, straightforward and honest and underpinned by sound marketing knowledge and skills.

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  • “I have asked Evelyn to produce a magazine for our School which would highlight the people and work here within the School of the Built and Natural Environment.
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